The Great Underground Empire. PropertiesData The Ancestral Totem of Wisdom: Level 2 is an unsplicable artifact which was added in the Hidden Riches update. Play the games yourself: Submachine 1 - Submachine 2 - Submachine 3 - Submachine 4 - Submachine 5 - Submachine 6 - Submachine 7 - Submachine 8 - Submachine 9 - Submachine 10 Side games: Submachine Zero - Submachine FLF - Submachine 32 Chambers Notes---Hey you! There is one secret, which leads to an Ancient Crystal of Wisdom, which wasn’t in the original game. More About Dragonspine Here! When equipped, this item grants the player a 5% chance of getting double XP. -Starting with the top slab, place JEWEL 3 in its place, then JEWEL 2 and JEWEL 1: each time the slab of stone will go up. Explore these ancient caverns of a forbidden tomb to find the Gem of Wisdom. Plays: 9,424; Like: 62 % (171 votes) Hot Games. games. The following is a list of the notes in the Submachine games. I was still finding my way around the SSLP format at that time. Don't be afraid. This is another thing that was added to The Basement in a later version. Submachine 1: The Basement Note: These first two updates have a smaller screenshot size. We've found 79 locations so far. This extention summarized in adding one more puzzle, a whooping number of total 20 rooms and most importantly – the introduction of the wisdom crystal … Right. Differences from the original Submachine [edit | edit source] There are several more rooms. PropertiesData The Ancestral Totem of Wisdom is an unsplicable artifact which was added in the Hidden Riches update. There are many rooms in this game. For instance in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse there is a reference to Murtaugh looking through ancient ruins in one of the notes left behind; this may be the game version of Murtaugh's discovery. Ring the bells till the four blocks stay up (4, 1, and then 2). 77% 37,385 plays Submachine 32 Chambers. Explore these ancient caverns of a forbidden tomb to find the Gem of Wisdom. Click on doors to move between rooms. If you find more, please share locations in … Stay Focued. There are several more puzzles. Don't stop. Some of them you can use again by clicking and dragging on to … We will find out what it does later. Look everywhere. Be carefull. -Go down and see a crystal: click on it: you have collected an ancient crystal of wisdom. Description: Collect the ancient crystal of wisdom Instructions: Find and point things. ... Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure ... Submachine 1: The Basement. Submachine 0 Game Info; Play Me. [REPLAY] Submachine 1 - The Basement is another point and click room escape game made by Mateusz Skutnik. Click on panel and then the coin in inventory. 92.0%. Click on the secret panel shown and grab tile D. 9. This extended version of Submachine 1 retcons an optionally discoverable "ancient crystal of wisdom" object into the game to explain that object's appearance in your inventory in the second game. Left. Yes you, person in the future, reading this in the archive. 91% All Crimson Agate Locations & Map. In the new room, we can grab the floating 'Ancient Crystal of Wisdom'. Search and collect items. So I created this extended version. Left. Overwhelmed with the surprizing success of the first submachine I thought: I can do better than this! -You now can see an opening on the floor. Click and use them. There are no fewer than five different versions of Submachine 1, eight sequels, a prequel, and a couple of spin-off titles. Recommended For You More.