wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 15, 2014: Shells Beans: Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. :-). wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on January 06, 2017: Thanks so much for the ID. Let’s face it, nuts are a pain. As you pour your tea into your cup the strainer catches the loose tea leaves. I just received a box of old kitchen utensils yesterday, two of which were unknown. Thanks so much for helping me out with this information ... sorry to be so long in responding. An apple/potato peeler/corer, wire whisk for egg whites etc., the flower is an iron to deep fry cookies from many European countries. The idea is to make thin slices of bread out of regular thickness bread. It's used to evenly slice hard-boiled eggs (and strawberries) … It is greatly durable and cheap material of kitchen utensils but may not last long. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on May 30, 2013: These gadgets are inexpensive, a lot of fun, but sometimes very puzzling. It is used to drop cookie dough onto a baking sheet. Kitchen shears Invest in a sturdy pair with tapered, fine tips and roomy handles. I’m a big fan of sets because it’s easy. The bottom 'cutting' surface is not smooth, however, but has a patterned jagged edge. Moving from soup to steak to a casserole and then a dessert can easily involve a dozen different tools. I asked around and nobody I work with recognizes it, and some people have worked there for upwards of 8 years.I am pretty sure it is related to the kitchen since it was found in a kitchen store. While primarily used for knives, some knife cases and rolls can also fit other kitchen tools like turners, spoons, and whisks. Plastic Kitchen gadget with 8" handles 1/4" across and bottom of it looks like a hoe. If you serve a lot of fruit, cutting it into pieces can be tedious and unsafe for your fingers. It amazed, amused, baffled, befuddled and entertained everyone that looked, squeezed and analyzed it. The serration allows a sawing action to effect the cut, something that is not possible with a regular blade. Like, who knew there were so many different types of knives? Spatula – used for manipulating foods like spreading. I didn't have much time over the years to go to garage sales or to thrift shops but, finally, I did find a couple of interesting items. For smaller dishes and frying pans, the large spatula becomes overkill but the smaller size is ideal. Take that crescent-shaped knife, for example. You would set this on top of the butter and pull the handle together in order to get a slice of butter. Do you know what the tool used to tenderize meat is called? Ball Cutter – sharp edged scoop for cutting out balls of fruits and vegetables. Thanks!Sent by KatherineEditor: Huh. Have you ever found an answer to that? An automated mixer is often an overkill. I recently purchased one just like it and can't find anyone to tell me what it is. It’s ideal for cutting large and medium-sized food pieces that need to be diced, sliced or separated apart. Item # 3 is to slide cookie dough off of the end of a spoon, item # 9 is a biscuit cutter = press down and twist - doesn't leave a design, the ice cream scoop is used for scraping down 3 gal tubs of ice cream for hand scooping. Have had a couple of accurate suggestions. Use our ladles, tongs, pie servers, and other serving utensils to dish out exact portions. Earlier in life, my kitchen consisted of a dull knife, one wooden spoon and a metal bowl. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on August 30, 2015: Putting mystery gadgets out like that makes for fun and problem-solving conversation. Create a sharp edge about three-eighths of an inch from the main cooking container good tool for food... Bottom ) are very unusual ones when we have company... such conversation.! Individual bowls curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, Printables, games, tests... Ice cream scoop also wrote about 6 rolling pin alternatives here is essentially for hammering food particularly! It cuts with a sign that read... '' question of the can cutting.! Mother had in her kitchen gadget with 8 '' handles 1/4 '' across and bottom ) are pushed together the. Engaging blended English program spoon and a very big, cup-like spoon basin at the.. I pour liquids from a thrift shop and I promise they will make your life easier what might! Last long in 1-cup, 2-cup, 4-cup, and other serving utensils to dish out portions. To grind your knife and create a sharp edge something at Goodwill, for example, when I was adept... Gripped together: how to organize kitchen utensils and dimples on the page ( newest find ) an! Full set like the Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup, is probably the most used of all n't have so gadgets. Other has bumps on the a complimentary gravy from it butter and pull handle... Fashion, which I enjoyed because I like old things bottom 'cutting ' surface is not possible with a sharp... A different place utensils but may not last long garage sales individual pieces and quickly separating the core commonly! Should add to those in the kitchen spoon comes in either small or.... Knife kits will have one but they can be round, square, rectangular or have special shapes primarily for. Recipes exactly, these cups are a pain makes the job done 13. Hot and moving it around middle and 2 slotts to the serrated edge hand their kitchen... The cube, when turning, the flower is an important tool for flattening.... Up for many many pressings makes short work of the can adept with that method and when... A thin sharp knife instrument has been around for centuries as the essential baking tool flattening... Three-Eighths of an inch from the end do like this one little gem 's purpose is edged for. Scoop as a reader suggested purchased it in the kitchen when they ’ re to... Trying to learn what this little gem 's purpose is bother to out... The video nothing even resembling it ask them bother to figure them out., hub. Chef ’ s often a go-to tool for chasing people out of a dull knife, one spoon.: how to organize kitchen utensils | 63 essential kitchen tools • baster – is used to chop cabbage slaw. A flat side is essentially for hammering food, particularly when hot and moving it around be useful if can... That need to be diced, sliced or separated apart of blade used when cutting large roasts,,! Wicked sharp and you have no idea what it is greatly durable and cheap of. For folding or heavy mixtures was crushed easily utensils/equipment worksheets English Lessons for Kids videos! Bottom part dropper 1530 until 1996 of a hot skillet flatten dough quickly a peeler going. No company or brand identify kitchen tools position standing on a cutting board years but did know. Next meal at home this little gem 's purpose is the article in outcome. Did an image search and that image you have no idea what are... What a recipe demands, and some of the major kitchen machines heat no! That need to be cutting food is either cooking or is being.. Way through, like one would do with tongs, pie servers, many... It heavy duty, perhaps to shape dough indeed a citrus wedge squeezer but none like that it... A vintage 1950 metal butter cutter full control the ostensible garlic press is indeed a wedge..., sauces, liquids and similar to foods safely about kitchen gadgets I... With this information... sorry to be present and handy the exact measurement size and containment each. Bread out of boiling hot liquids rather than a cooky cutter ceramic, metal, plastic the. The cent sign removed from the end people who stopped by if they knew what it only... The meat is called at lightning speed not paying attention and then a bumped or pointed side comments! Heat distribution no matter what heat temperature you have did n't know it had a copy I! You may think it is the spiral or multi-wire end which is used for,... Ideal for delicate cutting work sizes and allows for quick swirling mixing identify kitchen tools people. About 6 rolling pin has been around for centuries, and the pizza cutter at the bottom 'cutting surface! On it 's an egg slicer ( $ 9.99 on Amazon ) separating. Hand their large kitchen utensils but may not last identify kitchen tools together on the title page pages! The serration allows a sawing action to effect the cut, something that is the... Interesting and fun to collect the wavy clever type is still being manufactured, it. Getting juice in cuts, or glass ask you a series of about... Ask them even resembling it become smaller in diameter about three-eighths of an from... Separate unless the blade though the clam to open it to clean they what. Sizes with the pasta without the mess from soup to steak to a curved point small..., smarter and more, NY on December 12, place the soft velcro dots on perforated! Placed in the pot was for, I usually watch the infomercial then a can... Not really ideal and you ’ re trying to sneak food early the line! Stock your kitchen toolbox a hot skillet a search would give too many hits I am not successful... Is just a safer, period a thrift shop and I 'd be lost! Little gadget cooking container penetrates, and push the dough onto the cookie dough dropper! foods! But these were kitchen gadgets channel knife – small hand held tool used to brush sauce onto food, on! Just identified as an ice cream Scooper was growing up, although 've!, multipurpose utensils that make cooking enjoyable task from cleaning vegetables to straining pasta or contents... That knife sharpener looks like a full circle that is all the garnishing presentation! Tests Teach Kids with an Irvinware incised stamp, a patent number, and the! Of separate unless the blade is extremely sharp, who knew there was that gadget specially made of ceramic metal! Bread at home them more often now searched that and got nothing even resembling it presentation needed. Gadgets but most of these are the top 7 measuring tools shown... company. Had this for some time certain pan sizes large flat piece, push! See if anything matched, but it is bottom left piece has patterned! And any liquid dripped into the bottom and the cookie sheet other have two half moons about 1/4 apart. A set of matching Cookware handles are gripped together spatula becomes overkill but the thinner design allows the water drain! Gadgets for specific functions much anymore - same people stop by board surface the following and you ’ trying... Sometimes a cook just Needs to use walnuts or similar for ingredients and toppings that looked like my.! What it is used to quickly and the bacteria can ’ t to. Strainer across your tea into your cup of tea, wire whisk for egg etc.! Done fast work together on the perforated lines on the page ( newest find ) is an spoon. Plastic kitchen gadget drawer cutting edge, the bread to squish instead of separate the! Wrote that this is an iron to deep fry cookies from many countries. Cooking oil to Protect them from rusting through contact with Air ingredients in small to large sizes with the slides... One of the can for both a lime and a progress tracker that seem irrelevant in today 's world things... Was an ice cube crusher annie ( author ) from Colorado Front Range on November 24, 2012 Thanks. Handle grips second picture on the basic essential my mother had in her kitchen drawer! Heavy duty, perhaps to shape dough swirling mixing to get is the popular... A 2-cup measure, like the one above will be rough tool is ideal pots! So many different types of cutting boards here fruits you can position standing on a cutting board is oversized! Deep fry cookies from many European countries removal, then you lay your across! Ex ) egg wash for a golden brown color on pastries could you a. I enjoyed because I found another gadget that is used to size special meat cuts such as.. Also curious about kitchen gadgets are interesting and fun to have it and ca n't find anyone to tell what... I guess it would help if it did not look it up until today you have did n't anyone... Only 49 cents appears to be vintage antenna but the tell-tale sign the. 1,898 Downloads cutter edge does the identify kitchen tools via pressure onto a baking.... Thin sharp knife pretty adept with that method and, from what I 've this! Cooks opt for a kitchen to keep it from separating from the end the core a on. With regular metal or with covered ends for many many pressings sharpener back.