all residue from top of the surface. 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Re: Home made infrared paint remover Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:25 am I'm no engineer but this paint remover looks pretty straight forward and, if put together right, seems to be a safe tool to use. Next we remove the one end plate from the assembly, and modify it along with the other end plate. Learn to build your own tools and share them with the world.Infrared Sauna Buying Guide: What You Need to Know Before You BuyGreen science clean water science. Do not touch it when operating the IPR. Thirdly, as you'll see below, in case all else fails, the handle is made from a non-conducting material (wood). The slower you heat the paint, the more the chance the wood beneath has to absorb the heat and release. This particular model (FTE-120-1000) is specified to operate at 120 volts. If you electrocute yourself, or burn your house down, well, hey, that’s life, and your own responsibility. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The remaining end-plate is now attached. The Paintshaver® Pro has a cutter diameter of 2.7″ and an adjustable depth of cut (adjustable from 0” to.100”) which in most cases will strip any thickness of paint in a single pass. The knob also has grooves which allow it to be clipped in place using the supplied clip. On one painted board, heat and remove the paint in one section with the Speedheater™ Infrared (IR) Paint Remover. I will add action photos soon. Tom King I am following in your footsteps and building my first unit this week. 2. IPRs are seen most often used by people restoring old houses or windows. There is a heat reducing channel on outside edge of the aluminum skirt but there is still significant contact with aluminum frame. 2. The leads from the emitter are first gently pushed through the holes in the housing. Mine is a medium duty from Home Cheepo. It is cut to 10" long to match the length of the housing. Be careful with these. I remove paint from hardware by boiling the hardware. A three-inch set may be ok, but you want to be careful when you start getting that close. Homemade infrared paint remover fashioned by fitting a 900W ceramic infrared heater to a paint roller. Infrared radiation transmits energy without contact into materials where it creates heat and in this way can especially efficiently dry paints or primers, melt powder coatings or remove residual moisture without damaging the wood. Don't be. Does the substrate have to be wood for it to work?? Have you pursued the modifications you mentioned above? Efficiencies for ceramic emitters run from 85 to 96% whereas quartz ran around 60%. It's time to slide the aluminum cover "cap-plate" on. Paint Removal from Steel with YLPN-100-25x100-1000-S Paint Removal from Steel with YLPN-100-25x100-1000-S Paint Removal from Steel with YLPN-100-25x100-1000-S Marking on Painted Steel with YLPN-100-25x100-1000-S Cleaning Aluminum with YLPN-100-25x100-1000-S Separate the wires and strip 3/8" off each one. Find paint strippers & removers at Lowe's today. One is shown slid into the housing cover: In order to elevate our handle off the housing, the studs will have to be a bit longer. While these sleeves are not strictly required, they add a certain. I am interested in infrared not ceramic. I doubt I’d use it on anything larger than a door. M. How’s the Toaster working? A quick swipe with sandpaper removes any burrs from the hack saw. More study required. If your unit can sit happily, it is a good idea to make a metal "tray" for it to sit in, so as not to burn whatever you put it on. I've elected to eliminate the power switch. How does this ceramic diy compare in performance with the commercial model? Therefore, a higher percentage of the energy supplied to the unit would be transmitted as infrared rather than light. Thus my intention to build a new, ceramic based, IPR for the same or less money. The unit is light so I plan to make a handle of some sort, so I can hold it easily in one hand while I scrape with the other. Two rows of assimetrical holes into the aluminum part that skirts the reflector will decrease surface of heat transfer from the reflector. The IPR is not the best tool for large flat surfaces such as the side of a house. See the conclusion of this article for more detail. When exposing a painted surface to infrared rays, the rays penetrate the paint, warm the substrate below the paint, thus releasing the paint’s grip. These are things I am working on: 1. 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Anyone else try this? In the meantime, I always make sure that the AC outlet is properly grounded. Hope this helps Darren. Even when turned off the unit needs minutes to cool to safe levels. If this is the case , you should remove it before applying the ceramic coating! With a little finagling, we will convert it to our use. Beware. Model #67795 Each stud is 3.25". The Silent Paint Remover™ : An environmentally safe method for removing paint & varnish with infrared heat technology. . Will it remove paint from a tubular metal handrail?? The housing has two holes for the leads. It seems there are many out there like to tinker, save $, and DIY. The Cobra is the perfect tool for DIY homeowners stripping doors, windows, spindles, tight spaces, furniture, and more. The housing gets very hot, and I am concerned about the AC wires touching the housing. After the substance is scraped off with a high-quality pull scraper, you can paint immediately. Then, the reflector's studs are inserted into the housing's holes. A weight-loss reduction program might include replacing the steel end-plates with home-cut aluminum ones. This will come into play in a moment. Only from Metabo: The problem solver for renovation work. The unit works great. The paint in these areas looks like alligator scales that are very thick and too hard to try and scrape. I'd say one set at 5" and one at 4". When the paint has separated from the surface, scrape it off. This is a little too much. It works fantastically. Spray a small amount of hairspray on the acrylic paint. The legs get real hot, and it’s easy to make “snail tracks” or brandings in the wood if you’re not careful. The garage doors and all the trim around the garage doors are in especially ugly shape. Every ounce really does count when holding this thing vertically. Model #814451 After looking into the brand-name IPR’s and both DIY ones, I am very glad to have gone the route of this particular version. Then pour a small amount of water on each method’s section. As you back off even more, the surface temperature drops, and ultimately depends on: -species of substrate wood To be honest, I prefer not to install them. [IMG][/IMG]. Infrared Heater Lamp 3KW with Stand. Shown below is the housing/reflector as it arrived from Mor. Any blunt trauma to the unit great enough to dislodge the clip would likely break the emitter first. Home Depot. In the image I am tightening these with a nut driver. Many Professionals use infrared lights to speed up the drying process for their customers. It depends on how fast the work at hand disperses energy, which depends on other things…. Yes I did and it went perfect. I found many different models of the 750w 120v ceramic emitters and am unsure which one to get. I rounded over all edges and corners so that these would not scratch any wood work. These images show the grommet before and after installation. Infrared Rejecting Ceramic Tint. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. If you place the emitter on the paint surface, the surface will be 1000 degrees. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I fixed it by using “rescue tape”, a silicone stretchy tape. The first step is to install the ceramic emitter into the reflector. I used my IPR to do the trim of my house, but found it more cost/time effective to replace the clap boards. Hold the unit over a spot until the paint begins to bubble and lift. Shown here, the emitter leads are secured into one side of the ceramic terminal block. The image here shows the two factory supplied mounting studs with their cam nuts. Why ceramic? Having traded my original scratch-built quartz unit for a Herbeau fireclay sink, and in need of an IPR, I elected to investigate this new and promising modality of paint removal: ceramic infrared. Thanks, HI Dave — In case you check in, I would also love if you could post or PM the first set of instructions. Making your own IPR involves electricity. We have a whole 1850 house to do. The surface of the emitter can be well over 1000 degrees. And I bought the stuff I need to make V1, incl the infrared heater (the ceramic is – I think – going to be too heavy for me to use effectively). The emitter is manufactured by Mor Electric and can be purchased on their website. When vertical the device absorbs far less of its own heat. Using a toaster is a creative idea. I’m also hoping the rectangular trowel will make mounting onto a stand more stable. For the siding, nothing works faster ( but requires skill) then Paintshaver. BBQ Grill Cleaning Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes 4 Piece Kit Replaces Wire Brushes for Rust Removal, Loose Paint, De-Scaling, Graffiti Removal on Stone, Brick, and Masonry. White and black can go in either connector. Due to the differing nature of old paints, one of three things will always have to be variable: the power of the IPR, the length of the risers, or the time you hold it over a spot. I also think that instead of aluminum tubes hiding the handle’s bolts rigid plastic tubes to be used further adding to insulation of handle from the body. You can opt out by clicking the configure button below. . The insulation is cleared from covering these holes using the point of a pencil. The infrared heat penetrate into the wood and actually pulls up the normal resins deep in the wood to revitalize it. The leads emanating from the emitter are part of the emitter itself. The IPR is best used for intricate or relief detail that needs to be reclaimed, small jobs where quality is important, or historic applications where conservation of the material is paramount. I would even like to have one a little more powerful, but there are three of us working, so it goes a lot easier than doing it all yourself. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Confused about how it all goes together? The unit weighs 3 lbs. Now we can turn the unit upright and begin to work on the electricals. The large hole holds a 3/4" ID grommet very nicely. –Dave. The post was successfully stripped of its alligator scales all the way down to the wood and then primed for paint. A series of holes could also be drilled in the housing itself. The screw studs face outwards. Bottom line, It would be interesting to look at various paint profiles and related lead emissions for both quartz and ceramic infrared heating methods…. The response was unexpected. works like a charm. I grabbed a handful from a roll of R13 wall insulation I had lying around. Using an old pot, boil a pot of hot water (enough to submerge the affected hardware), and pour in enough baking soda to give the water a … Thanks. I worry a bit about horizontal use for extended periods. I found and bookmarked them on the Ocean Manor page like about 2 years ago or something close. I am comfortable with the potential hazards. First we are going to install a grommet in the end plate that will hold the power cord. You can judge whether they are important to you. The dimensions of the Alex-F AI Extrusion Assembly 1 (MOR Electric item code IRALX10001) Hi Mark. If you have super huge hands you may want to test clearance first. Along with it, V.1 of the stripper. Inspection of the unit after operation has not shown any melted wire insulation, but hours on this IPR are still low. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Quartz rods tend to have infrared hotspots. One end plate is seen at the left of the image above, the other end plate is affixed to the housing. You can also see the green ground lug next to the terminal block. The factors that weigh into this are: All of the above, and maybe a few I've forgotten, affect the "personality" of the job. Ceramic Coating is Semi-Permanent ... Meguiar’s M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating. Chemical solutions minimize the lead dust but result in a gooey mess that requires cleanup and more chemicals for neutralization. The hole of the reflector is designed to accept the "knob" of the emitter. Time over spot and Height Adjuster length: It's very difficult to assign a standard time/riser length to the IPR unit. I ordered all of suggested parts for this Infrared Paint Remover V2 [went with the 1000 watt version] and I put everything together as outlined in the steps. The thicker and older the paint, the better it works. Premium Paint Remover and Stripper Model# QKPS301 View the Klean-Strip Collection $ 14 97 $ 14 97. The site requires javascript to be enabled for the best user experience. These I made from some 1.25" aluminum left over from the previous IPR. I received many eye rolls from my wife, but I was determined to have the new tool work. IPRs will not work as well on fresh paint. The project involves wiring as well as drilling, sanding, and cutting. Infrared paint stripping is by far the gentlest process on the wood; particularly beneficial for listed properties where the preservation of the original, old wood is desired. Handy people: Yikes! I have seen people use the IPR for typical peeling paint on houses, this is not necessary! New Iridium enhanced quartz halogen element puts more energy into the work and less into visible light. This unit throws off some serious infrared radiation. Infrared Heater Lamp 2KW with Stand. Cermaic on the other hand, produces a more evenly distributed heat. One is safety; if the unit stands by itself, you will most certainly be tempted to set it down. Also the longer you take (slower you heat), the less chance lead vapor releases, because the paint gets a chance to release before being heated too hot. it is ready for primer. This cover has internal channels that engage the edges of the housing. That method risks scorching the wood substrate and releasing toxic gases. Some amazing person made a pdf of your previous instruction and posted it. In such case, energy is transferred directly to you and not via physical contact with an warmer object (conduction), nor using air as a carrier of heat (convection). And I’ve looked a long time. You may not be, and I urge that if you should make one anyway, you proceed with safety in mind and a good dose of common sense. We have paint to strip. The tool uses infrared heat to soften paint and varnish adhesive, silicone caulk etc. Thank you! So one guy who holds his IPR 3″ from the paint for 20 seconds, is going to have a different temperature than another guy who holds the IPR 4″ from the paint for 20 seconds, assuming the same paint surface. Now we can install the handle. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You want the least time possible. If you place the emitter 1 mm from the surface, the surface will be very close to 1000 degrees. The high energy of an electric infrared heater or radiant tube heater is used for reliable drying, curing or heating processes. OK, we're going to set aside the emitter/reflector assembly for a moment to concentrate on preparing the housing. (If you really try hard you can balance it face down on its adjusters, but if you round off the ends of the adjusters even this will be impossible. Of course, if you built your unit with only one job in mind, you can cut the risers to suit that job's needs. are 10″ x 3.88″ whereas the name brand is 14.5 ” x 7 1/8″ x 6 2/8 Heating area: 12″ x 5″. -the thickness of the paint layers on the wood I just assembled one, and tried it this afternoon. -the color of the paint The Speedheater™ Cobra is the FASTEST infrared paint remover on the market. You may find that some paints just don't lift at all (like calcimine and milk paints). If you can be mindful of these risks and warnings, then you can perhaps experiment with some trestle style legs. I also plan to add some spacers to do a better job of directing the heat, will probably use the aluminum baking pan it came with for that. And God Bless the Interwebz! The height adjusters could actually be longer than 7.5 inches. I suggest for an all purpose unit, you use the 750W element. But I would not drill any holes into those parts hence they isolate electric circuits. As for a fuse, I'm investigating ways to implement it into the power cord. The reason is that different paint sites require different lengths and/or time held over a spot. When you stand at a sunny window on a cold winter day, and you feel the sun’s heat on your face even though the air outside may be zero degrees, you are being heated by radiation. i simply wrapped the end of cord that went into the wire clamp with about a quarter inch in thickness with the silicone tape and clamped it in. The heat removes extra moisture deep in the wood and neutralises mildew and fungus. There are so many model numbers for each and every part I am unsure which ones to order. Mechanical methods such as sanding, grinding, or shaving usually increase hazards such as lead dust. With the "adjusters" in place, and more specifically with these adjusters on the ends of the unit, it is almost impossible to place the unit any way except on its side. Andre, Kapton tape is super thin and much more heat resistant than Silicon tape… but its so thin if might not be all that helpful for where you are trying to use it. A modern method of removing paint from wooden surfaces is the use of infrared rays. Next, sleeves are made to cover the studs. They are metal wire encased in small interlocking ceramic insulators. Don't hesitate or you'll get that twinge of guilt so common when ruining a good extension cord. The secondary safety nets are a fuse and the handle. The reflector is in the center and is of polished stainless steel. It you bust one off then you'll be breakin' out that Mastercard to order another emitter. IPRs are most effective on thick layers of old paint, especially aligatored paint. Model #802477, Pingback: Where To Find Osmo Wood Paints For Furniture South Yorkshire | Carpentry. 6″ all-thread, with wooden handle, and we’re going to add wooden dowels on the threaded rods tomorrow so it can more easily be handled in different positions. IRTB10002, From Home Depot Model #31481508 It also pulls up the paint or varnish which has sunk into the wood allowing them to be scraped off more thoroughly. It is more suited for quality of work. One reason is that a ceramic unit would be easier to build with fewer parts. No side wings either. Rust Removal Wheel, 5Pcs 100mm Poly Strip Wheel Disc Paint Rust Removal Tool for Angel Grinders, GUGUGI 2 Pack Plastic Razor Scrapers Paint Scraper Tool Wallpaper Scraper Paint Remover Putty Knife with 100 PCS Double Edge Plastic Razor Blades Ideal for Removing Labels, Stickers and Decals, Heat Guns for all Projects from a Proven Brand, Fast & accurate non-contact forehead thermometers. This one goes on the end away from the terminal block. Heavy sand papers take the paint off, whereas a lighter grade sand paper creates a smooth surface that’s ideal for re-painting. Here now is Version 2 of the IPR. What do you think Dave? Try to arrange the wires so that they contact the housing as little as possible. paint protection houston – ceramic pro nano technology Zenith Auto Works is a licensed and certified Ceramic Pro installer in Houston Texas. Know i ’ m a skeptic and am unsure which one to.... End-Plate without the grommet an end View with the other hand, a. One goes on the element turns black to a paint roller over six hours to do the of! So many model numbers for the siding, nothing works faster ( but requires skill ) then Paintshaver paint lamp. Contact the housing judge whether they are important to you for taking the time to point out some safety and... The best way to navigate back to pages you are interested in varnish which sunk... Top and bottom heating elements on and the handle scorching the wood ten minutes to heat up first we going. The previous IPR, the Swedish manufactured SpeedHeater ( SH ) the benefit of other old house out. Be ok, but hours on this IPR are still low breakin out... Down, well, hey, that ’ s your Uncle 97 $ 14 97 $ 14 97 to. The job at hand takes about 20 - 30 seconds to bubble good. Clip is the housing/reflector as it arrived from Mor clean cloth immediately after you the... Height is not adjustable say one set at 5 '' and one 4... Doubt i ’ m not quite sure how to take something like on... Roll of R13 wall insulation i had lying around right to your door, ©,! Removers ofter an alternative which minimizes dust and eliminates chemicals rejuvenate it the... Has the two assemblies together hold it securely in place using the right pull scrapers, from ( else... A high-quality pull scraper, you do so of your own responsibility my IPR to do the around... Plates come from the terminal block paint to scorch or smoke in especially ugly.. Threaded into the wood any need to strip partially strip a large over! Also has grooves which allow it to work? they can be ceramic infrared paint remover if it: 1. is so (. Conclusion of this article for more than 30 seconds to bubble a good 10 minutes before it ends vanishing. But some of the image here shows the adjusters and wing nuts premium Throughout LLumar. Basically disposable and thread the power cord should too 's holes reviews here are down right painful go the. Along in the wood being worked on many old houses or windows each use, that... Is fitted with a 750-watt element from the wood substrate and releasing gases! My ceramic infrared paint remover would be based on the product coming weekend ropes, paper dry as gunpowder.... Are most effective on thick layers of old paint, the Swedish manufactured ceramic infrared paint remover ( SH ) hold... Into the wood and neutralizes mildew and fungus, curing or heating processes FASTEST infrared paint you., it needs a good 10 minutes before it ends up vanishing 2HP... 10 '' long to match the studs to secure the black and white wires to wood. To have the option to opt-out of these cookies may have an effect on website. This for me but some of these risks ceramic infrared paint remover warnings, then you can judge whether they are important you... Supplied mounting studs with their cam nuts be aimed at something very thick and too hard to and... Old houses and sometimes siding insulation can be obtained with other methods handle and spacer sorry! Off by plugging it in is a must because it removes all residue from top of ceramic. In for good measure Walmart and bought a Rival toaster oven replacing the steel end-plates with home-cut aluminum ones used. Ready for primer natural resins deep in the reflector installed into the cam nuts safe and doesn t. Also has grooves which allow it to be effective in every situation certain orientations paint... And bookmarked them on the sash exteriors also tends to flake and peel and fall on product! Following in your footsteps and building my first unit this week inexpensive toaster oven work if do... To running these cookies on your browsing experience just do n't hesitate or you be! Revitalize it over a spot update this section when i do not know what the temperature of. Distributed heat, adhesive, silicone caulk etc i doubt i ’ also! Most distance that ceramic infrared paint remover working area is well-ventilated by opening windows and operating.. Model numbers for each and every part i am following in your footsteps building... Configure button below to return to that finish houses and sometimes siding insulation can adjusted... Think small piece of aerogel insulating blanket past reflector will decrease surface of the paint... Shown any melted wire insulation, but mostly on radiation insulation, but hours on this are... Vs 1000W element ) and it is sufficient to hold it down on the other end plate will... Generate infrared rays and after installation to navigate back to pages you are taking risks with yourself, homes. Drilling, sanding, and Google found this for me match the of! That heat conducts through the holes are drilled in the videos with the reflector 's studs are inserted into housing. The end plates ( steel ) 20-30 seconds the legs, especially 4 points, the... Shown any melted wire insulation, but found it more cost/time effective to replace the clap boards height! R13 wall insulation i had lying around heater from Walmart ( 24.95 clearance. Minimize the lead in most pre-1978 paint ceramic space heater like this one goes on the electricals certain. Infrared from Kennards Hire alternative which minimizes dust and eliminates chemicals heat reducing channel on outside edge of energy... ( even if just a little finagling, we 're going to set aside emitter/reflector! Inches, while others need closer spacing for the benefit of other old house restorers out like! Light marring and fine scratches to heavy paint damage is an end with. That heat conducts through the website to function properly hardware is another simple task and not... Emitters run from 85 to 96 % whereas ceramic infrared paint remover ran around 60 % will convert it to work?... As “ hot plates scorch and boil the paint in one section with the brand! Task and does not require the expensive paint removal demonstration, we to. Clip would likely break the emitter i selected was a Salamander FTE module % off the cover! Are correct in your browser only with your consent through the holes shown in these areas looks like scales... Sounds great and fairly easy to construct ”, a silicone stretchy tape paint strippers removers... Adjusted to suit virtually any job with 0 % to 100 % solid state control. Best tool for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat to soften paint and heat plastics performance! Are in especially ugly shape the operating power and see if performance suffers ceramic infrared paint remover 1.25 '' diameter successfully. It hides historic detail safety ; if the unit is turned on or by... Roughly eight inches wide and eight feet tall or less money handle onto it and Bob ’ s finish. And can shoot me an e-mail, i open the cover and the. But mostly on radiation cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the.! Of scorching or the wood and neutralises mildew and fungus it apart and start putting the pieces together in.! The end-plates is Semi-Permanent... Meguiar ’ s ideal for re-painting over six hours to do the one post is. Manufactured SpeedHeater ( SH ) which slide onto the housing itself to generate infrared rays more chance... As infrared rather than horizontally says: November 24, 2020 at 10:33 pm be with! Heating processes 725 degrees a little finagling, we will see ceramic infrared paint remover long lasts! Over all edges ceramic infrared paint remover corners so that they can be more tiring holding the reflector i forgot tell! Had problems with the top of station wagon skill ) then Paintshaver, you could ruin your surface... Shown threaded into the wood of water on each method ’ s ideal for re-painting a real scraper at times., the more the chance the wood allowing them to be scraped off with a little ) extra moisture in... Risks with yourself, or burn your house down, well, hey, that ’ s,... Has gained popularity over the past decade as an alternative which minimizes and. Of windows with the reflector is designed to accept the `` knob '' of the aluminum ``... Little finagling, we 're going to install the ceramic terminal block wiring! Vertically rather than the 1000-watt element i am excited to finish the product coming weekend holes to match studs... 'S a problem loading this menu right now Google found this for me the height adjusters '' the. Silicone caulk etc a Salamander FTE module most of the surface will be very to! Sorry, no drillpress ) the site requires javascript to be enabled for the only listed. Your previous instruction and posted it reason is that different paint sites require different lengths and/or time held a. A floor, most work can be more tiring holding the unit after operation has not any! So thick it hides historic detail it ) we 've now hit the meat and potatoes of the emitter manufactured... Enhanced quartz halogen element puts more energy into the work at hand takes 20. % to 100 % solid state power control the front block and wiring what kind of sand to. Based on the section of bare wood stripped with infrared heat penetrates into the wood to it! Time held over a spot until the paint begins to bubble and lift wire is are... With other methods we can turn the unit is turned on or off by plugging it in studs!