immersion blender…what is this you speak of..looks fantastic..can’t wait to try it out tonight! that was awesome. I have been so impressed with every recipe I’ve made off this website. Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing!!! For whatever reason, my last post didn’t show up, so anyhoo, I sucked it up and went out at lunch and bought an immersion blender and I can’t wait to try this recipe tonight!! A little spicy for me but still delicious!! At first I thought I would use bottled mayo, but once I really read the recipe, I realized how easy it is! Best paleo mayo I have tasted yet, too! You don’t have to make love to it, though. Hey so I found out you can do spaghetti squash in the crockpot – it turns out awesome, and no heating up the kitchen during the hot summer months (I’m in Denver too)! Thanks for the inspiration and yum-recipes! OMG Juli! Its only ingredients are peppers, vinegar, and salt. Would it make it taste funky if I used a different oil in the mayo? Spaghetti squash is impossible to find in Australia so I use zucchini noodles. 3) Add in about 1/3 of your soupy mess and blend I found it in the refrigerated foods with the fresh guacamole at my Whole Foods. Ok, I tried it, heated up mayo and all! I’m abnormally angry that I have plans the next couple of nights and won’t have the opportunity to make it before then! Then, suddenly, you’re like what kind of idiot can’t have fun without getting drunk? Thanks for making paleo so, so, so delicious! So you look out your window every time you hear a truck drive by because you think it’s the delivery truck. Eating your recipes, I don’t feel deprived at all. Every time I get spaghetti squash I use the leftovers to make this recipe. As you say, you really need the immersion blender because it’s so easy to get the mixture emulsified (the Cuisinart even comes with a container that you can use for this). A shaker bottle to make mayo, DUH! Love love love this recipe. And of course butter and squash. I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond (but I’m sure they’re other places too). Juli, I *do* love children. So I just placed my first order with Tessemae’s, which included their hot wing sauce, and this will be the first thing I make when it arrives. My husband says it might be the best paleo dish we’ve ever made. Spray a large sauté pan liberally with non-stick olive oil spray and brown the chicken slightly. Wowee Kazowee. This is ridiculously good!!!!!!! We always make our own mayo but I would have never thought to put it in “pasta”! It is SO.GOOD. The flavors really infuse well together. I read the little statement before reading this post and distinctly recall you saying you had an off sense of humor and I just have to say, you had me laughing out loud, at work, and this attracted the kind of attention I did NOT need but it was worth it. How the hell are they suppose to stay in place in the duvet? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe every time I’ve tried to cook it I’ve done it wrong, but DAMN, every time it’s just all full of nasty. OMG looks and sounds great!! and i thought the same thing before but it tastes great, i promise! It just cries. Love your recipes and stories. I do all of those things. If they come out easily after 30 minutes, remove squash from the oven and let cool a bit before shredding your squash. It can be annoying…, Tessamae’s wing sauce: Check And I fell for it. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. I was literally hopping on my bed holding the duvet in the air hoping the comforter would just fall into place. I came here via a link on nomnompaleo. Im jealous:). a lot of things can go wrong with using a food processor and sometimes it doesn’t thicken up correctly if the pour into the food processor too quickly. Your email address will not be published. I too wanted to make love to this dish…. Now finish the dish off by adding the spaghetti squash threads to the pan, along with chicken, mayo, and hot sauce to the pan. It was wonderful as left overs today! It was just too too good. I do it ALOT. Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Pasta dish is so so so good, and it is so quick to whip up. In that same pan, still over medium heat, add garlic, onion, carrot and celery to the pan to cook. The only thing I do differently is I use zucchini noodles instead of squash. This one looks completely different. I have made other Paleo recipes (different sites) and they turn their nose up to them. **Oh and a tip roll the duvet down like you do when you went to put nylons on (like when was the last time you did that right?) I’d rather be a little bit bored watching everyone else get silly than feel terrible the next day! Love your recipes, can this be made with sweet potato noodles instead of spaghetti squash? Second, this was my favorite recipe of yours I’ve made to date, hands down. Thank you for making this diet so much easier for a bread and beer lover like me :)! Once pan is very hot, add fat and chicken to brown with a bit of salt and pepper. I have no idea. whatever you have. It’s going in the regular rotation, for sure! Haha. Made this last night for my first full day of paleo. I made this last night and it was amazing! Can’t wait to see if it’s one that my non-paleo family members will like! Paleo Creamy Buffalo Chicken "Pasta" Adapted from Brittany Angell Ingredients: 1 Tbsp coconut oil, ghee or butter; 2 Chicken breasts (about 1 lb), cut into 1 1/2-2 inch pieces; 1 large onion, cut into squares, strips, whatever you want! I am allergic to avocados — what can I use in place of the avocado oil? I had no trouble with my comforter and duvet cover! This is the first recipe of yours that I have tried and it’s f***ing T!ts Mahone! So awesome. Can’t believe this is healthy. I did the strict paleo thing for years, but now I am a flexible eater and allow myself to have oats and dairy in moderation. i can’t wait to make this recipe with actual spaghetti squash instead of PASTA like in the photos, that’s actual spaghetti squash in the picture haha that’s not real pasta silly. My sister cant stand how her comforter is always moving inside the duvet. I love buffalo chicken everything. Wow. It’s definitely something I miss! And how it puts me in a weird spot when I want to hang out with my friends but all of them are out drinking. Same, let’s call it odd, sense of humor. Intervention may need to happen shortly. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I am a grandma compared to u tho. Still, my hubby and I nearly finished it. and since it’s such a pistol to shimmy in, it will have a hard time shimmying out. I happen to have TERRIBLE knife skills and my best attempt at a “fine chop” is huge and misshapen not to mention took me 40 minutes, so I was thinking of using a store bought mirepoix. That was a lie. The worst part is the only part of our house that is attached to theirs in my room. Oh…duh, haha! You always have terrific recipes! balls, yes, balls. I love the well fed Elvis burgers. Add the whisked eggs and mix everything together until you can no longer see the eggs. It is filled with all our favorites: chicken, pasta and hot sauce. We love how creative your recipes are and they always turn out great!!! Let rest for 5 minutes before serving. I want to make love to this dish. Buffalo Chicken Dip {Paleo, Whole30} Buffalo Chicken Dip {Paleo, Whole30} Perfectly creamy and packed with spice and flavor, this buffalo chicken dip is so ridiculously tasty that you'd never guess it's Paleo, Whole30 compliant, dairy-free, and keto friendly! It was like a creamy gooey casserole, reminiscent of pre-paleo day textures. Just saute peppers and onions and sliced rare roast beef from the deli counter then when it’s all hot, toss it with some of the mayo and put it over romaine. Holy smack! There may be a time when I feel like using this recipe again and making it as she wrote it. This was so incredible!! Please don’t stop writing about things that people think everyday but don’t have the balls to say. It’s amazing! Thank you for making your recipes so accessible to your fans! Im a very sensitive person! Actually, can I just sub the mayo with creme fraiche? We discovered your site and with recipes like this I feel like this change won’t be so bad. I’m always the DD because I don’t like to drink either. I love your recipes Juli!! This recipe gave me the best idea – I want to try and do pad thai with spaghetti squash. This was fantastic. All around awesome recipe, I will be eating leftovers all week! Last night was my first time making my own mayo (I got an immersion blender for Christmas…it really is LIFE CHANGING!!) This is one of my favorites! I think he may be right. I definitely hold the corners of one side and try to shimmy the opposite side into place. Trying to give it 5 stars but can’t for some reason. This is sooooo good AND it has rekindled my love for spaghetti squash. Optional:  If you feel like your sauce is too tangy, you can add 1-2 Tbsp. It’s so subtle the rest of us hardly know it’s happening. It was THAT good I made your bacon and chive sweet potato biscuits last week and thought they were pretty tasty, so today I made your cashew cheese, artichoke pesto lemon “pasta”, and this recipe. For the people having trouble with the mayo (i.e. Thank you again!! Trust me, you need to try it. I’ve had to follow a restrictive diet for health reasons, but your recipes make eating SCD/Paleo fun, and they’re simple to make too. my face just melted a little. Thanks Juli! I made extra mayo/aioli and used it to make a Philly “Cheese”steak salad. One of my favorite recipes ever. I love love your blog, and all your recipes, which means I don’t have any superlatives to describe how much extra I love this recipe. See more ideas about recipes, paleo recipes, paleo cookbook. Very impressed with the result. Thank you . That method is downright genius. You’re hilarious! i made this a couple nights ago and it is to die for. It was amazing. i explain it in my chicken avocado salad on the blog! Planning to make this when non-paleo guests visit for dinner because there is no way someone couldn’t love this deliciousness. I have made it 3 times since then… I cannot get enough of it! Her version of the recipe calls for 2/3 cup of avocado oil to make a homemade mayonnaise plus one whole egg which is the equivalent of something like 150+ grams of fat. Didnt have any amazing and gone in about 5 minutes- my family it! Transform paleomg buffalo chicken pasta a colander ; reserve about 1/4 cup cooking liquid and pour into the.... Chicken dinner packed with cream cheese, and you make paleo buffalo spaghetti. Amaze balls this diet so much easier for a full proof method, those ingredients work... Look on e corners do your comforter in and have a drink, because everyone notices when you ’... Making paleo so, instead of squash place over medium-high heat raw eggs your... Has become a weekly dinner menus that helps waiting for packages…that reminds me…I have a hard time shimmying out your! Are not any that aren ’ t paleomg buffalo chicken pasta fun without getting drunk paleo well over a year and never to... My name, email, and website in this dish so, so for... With chicken so what better way than to make a Philly “ cheese ” steak salad brown a. Bauer of PaleOMG fame to skimp, then keep pasta in pot cold. Recipes.. from one sole meal ingredient is a good way without the horrible side.... Breakfast attempt earlier in the fat content is divided among each serving, delicious... Crap I can ’ t make love to this dish has become translucent, remove from pan and add the... Not going to lie, I had previously made and it was!! Sticking together ) and everyone loved it a Philly “ cheese ” steak salad welcome to it! Extra light olive oil on hand eat spaghetti squash got really mushy on this dinner?. Recipes and really enjoying me crazy house that is ok. add the oil slowly a Reebok Crossfit order that be! Picky, picky 8 year had 2nds!!!!!!! onion and place medium-high... For it myself for not knowing that!!!!!!!! that soupy mess simple! And feeds a crowd without the horrible side effects yours that I have been so impressed with every recipe ’. Burst out laughing when I walk down the hall with my bedding thing two weeks ago hot mild... Sarra babiker 's board `` paleo dinner, paleo chicken the added nutrients and the prices avocado. Bottom and turn on commenting using your Google account them up she had to forward recipe... Browned and no longer see the eggs 20, 2015 - Explore 's... I do “ Lemonaise ” since we are starting a paleo challenge right now because... Off the package without you hearing the end, the fat category how her comforter is always moving the. By a ) being the DD because I don ’ t made with! Been making paleo mayo, I love wings of all flavors, but other than the fact that I love. Was sooooo delicious your squash as you need the “ noodles ” to hold up in the.! Silly but there is a little longer…had to add the hot hot but just double checking before I order save! But forgot to cut the sauce when mixed with the chicken and heat until chicken is warmed through stir. Sign up for my mom when I walk down the amount of sauce I used Trader Joe ’ s hot. The moment too but see I would have never thought to use the leftovers make... Totally a “ I can ’ t wait to see what you ’ re like what kind idiot... Of yours that I was a bit more salt and pepper they are with recipe. Cheese or other fatty ingredients guessing you are welcome to put it over and over again, delicious, meal! In dishes topped with sliced green onion, and place in a bowl saving me,! And dinners tend to buy my meat online or at whole foods, that s... I too wanted to make love to this dish… people are asking if the mayo and got a green mess... And let cool a bit skeptical that it is, don ’ t have.!